How Do I Join Rio Aero Club?

Must be sponsored by a member in good standing. Contact us to find out when the next monthly meeting and come and introduce yourself!

Prospective members are usually accepted into the club at the second meeting they attend. Two-thirds majority of voting members present required to be accepted into club.


How much does it cost to join?

$500 initial membership fee to join.

60 day probationary period. May not vote or build a hangar during the probationary period. May resign or be voted out by two-thirds majority vote with the $500 refunded.


How much are monthly dues?

3 Classes of Membership: Active, Associate, Inactive

Active: $35/month
Associate: $15/month
Inactive: no cost, ability to return to active within 5 years.


What are the requirements to fly the Citabria?

  • Must be an Active Member
  • Initial checkout with a club instructor. Typically, this is 10 hours of flying, but could vary in your situation.
  • Instructor hourly rates shall be negotiated with individual CFI's.
  • 90 day club proficiency required to fly solo. Regain proficiency with a club Check Airman at no CFI cost (normal Citabria rates do apply).
  • Scheduling is done via first come/first served on Google Calendar.


What is expected of Active and Social Rio Members?

  • The Annual Pancake Breakfast & Cleanup (last Sunday in June, two preceding Saturdays).
  • Lawn mowing!
  • Must be willing to accept nomination as an officer or director.


Ready to join?

Contact us to let us know you are interested, then make arrangements to come to our next monthly meeting. We look forward to meeting you!